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In England they have a long horticultural and botanical studies tradition have met the leading collections of drought-resistant plants. The nurse as a valuable treasure. In contrast, in Mediterranean climates copy the English gardens . We introduce plants of different climates to ours here can become invaders, who do not adapt and give problems , others have diseases or insects that become pests ....

The irrigation system and its misuse , is the worst enemy of modern Mediterranean Gardener . This effort to copy the English gardens have been losing the diversity of plants that give us color, shape and life in our gardens and that are linked to climate and soil . Our gardens are all alike, have lost their identity .

When we have had periods of drought , together with the prohibition of all water garden plants have died. This is a sign that we are doing things wrong and that we must change to gardens that respect our environment and are appropriate to the environmental conditions of the area.

Respect the environment
Glòria Canadell
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