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When considering a sustainable garden, we study the selection of appropriate depending on the weather, soil type, orientation, plantation frame, customer preferences and functionality plants, and all this environment is protected in the years. These aspects together with a rational consumption of water needed for plants to live healthy and strong minimum helps us to have a minimum of maintenance . 

- If we consider the context of planting and plant development work cause pruning or removal of plants

- If we water excess vegetation grow disproportionately and have to prune. It can also cause fungus and disease, so we have to apply pesticides

- If we ignore the weather and soil type, plants will not grow as tap and begin implementation problems of fertilizers, plant changes, diseases ....

- The seleción de lawns of low water consumption also helps to reduce maintenance lawns that are growing slowly (less mowing ), need less fertilizer (not grow so disproportionately less mowing), do not catch diseases (less pesticides). All together involves less maintenance. 


Reduced maintenance
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