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House at four winds and surrounded by white pine forest. We have remodeled the garden with the main objective: GARDEN WITHOUT IRRIGATION.
CHILDREN AREA: Divided by a path made of local stone slabs. On one side we have maintained the gravel and on the other side so that children can play under the great eucalyptus we have installed artificial turf. As it is a very shaded area, it is appropriate to put artificial grass because in summer it will not burn us and we will not have to water it.
LATERAL ZONE UNDER RED PINES: We have kept some plants already installed in the garden: Chamaerops, Cotoneaster, oleanders ... which are well adapted and do not need irrigation. First we made a pruning of cleaning the pines, this has benefited us in the following aspects: more light, less danger of falling branches, more cleaning. A gravel road leads from the car park to the area on the side of the house where a table is located. The road reveals different places in the garden. All the selection of plants has been chosen according to the flowering, and lighting needs and considering the type of soil and the cold of the winter.
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Castellví de Rosanes before
Castellví de Rosanes after

Castellví de Rosanes

Castellví de Rosanes 1 Castellví de Rosanes 1 Castellví de Rosanes 1 Castellví de Rosanes 1
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