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Garden of diversity
Garden where we had to study each particular area due to soil characteristics , light and needs and use your propietaris.S ' have created four major areas : The first consists of the driveway to the house and esplanade in front of the entrance. The lush trees and plants lead us to the front door and isolate us from the rest of the garden created us curious to discover the rest. The esplanade in front of the door where liquidambars brown edges and give us a grateful shade in summer and winter let in the sun because they are deciduous . The small noise of water provided by the supplier of the lake makes us enjoy a place to enjoy . The second area is found with the living room, the lawn low water use vegetation surrounded by trees , shrubs and plants create intimacy and warmth . Give us the feeling of being isolated from the world. The third area consists of the pool and paddle tennis court . The spectacular flowering Gaura combined with vegetation native plants and low water consumption organize a fun and pleasant. We move on to the shower and space for meditation . The shower consists bamboo gives an exotic touch and style Japanese help to give a relaxió and we privacitat.Per last garden , where each season are planted and sown vegetables for a family of 8 members .
Overall a very harmonious garden , where many places for solitude , meet friends, play , create, imagine ...
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