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Who we are

Diploma in Business Administration and after working as an accountant - financial in a French multinational , decided to make a change in my professional life. My passion for nature and plants Gardening led me to study in Barcelona Rubio Tudurí school. After an internship in different landscaping companies and expanding my studies , I made my debut as an entrepreneur in 2006 riding my own company: SÒLVERD , where we are dedicated to the design and construction of sustainable gardens in the philosophy of xeriscape. That is, we design and build spaces as self-sufficient as possible, use native plants and low water consumption, efficient irrigation systems and environmental protection products and / or medicinal .

We are a company continually evolving and we worried about environmental health. In the past year we have incorporated vertical gardens and vegetable Tables.

Surrounded by great professionals offer full service around the garden : from design to construction, choosing all the necessary parts to give a personalized and unique space.
Glòria Canadell
T: 600 64 79 85